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environmental compliance

Whether you are part of a multinational corporation or a small business, trying to keep up with the myriad of Federal, State and local regulations aimed at protecting human health and the environment is a daunting task.  Failure to comply with the laws and regulations can result in huge damages, both in the form of damage to the environment and clean-up costs associated with fixing the problem, but also hefty fines and penalties that can be levied for non-compliance.  RNG LAW has been advising property owners and businesses for over 30 years, and has been on the forefront of the various groundbreaking laws relating to the environment.

mergers and aquisitions

Today's business climate is conducive to growth by acquisition, or simply to penetrate the market by acquiring an existing player.  It is vital to identify all the potential issues at the onset to assist in properly structuring the transaction.  RNG LAW has been assisting clients in buying and selling businesses for many years, and is uniquely suited to provide practical advice.

commercial real estate

Understanding the potential risks involved in a real estate acquisition, or how to reduce the risks for a sale, is paramount to providing the proper counsel to the party.  Only someone well versed in the current laws (including environmental and real estate) can effectively assist in assessing the relative risks and rewards of the transaction.  Whether it is environmentally contaminated property, or pristine land, we have the expertise and experience as to how to effectively structure the transaction.

corporate transactions

Whether it's the initial formation of the business, and choosing the proper vehicle under the circumstances, or established entities that need assistance with compliance and corporate governance, RNG LAW is here to help.

commercial transactions and contracts

The days of a handshake are long gone, and it is the prudent business person who ensures everything is properly documented to protect against potential issues.  Whether it's buying a piece of equipment, dealing with vendors, having proper employment and other agreements in place, RNG LAW has the experience to provide an unmatched level of service.


Services for start-ups

As a business person, entrepreneur and lawyer, Rob, of RNG LAW, especially enjoys assisting and guiding the future or new start-up through all phases of its life cycle. His multi-disciplined expertise makes him especially helpful to the emerging business. 


Part-time general counsel

As a non-traditional law firm RNG LAW offers various different arrangements for small to mid-sized companies to have all the benefits of an in-house general counsel at a fraction of the cost.  Having the lawyer, who becomes fully familiar with the business and understands the potential issues it may face, ensures that these issues can be resolved or prevented without the learning curve of someone having to get up to speed.  

For Individuals

  • Estate Planning

  • Estate Administration

  • Residential Real Estate

Estate planning

Maximizing the amounts left to your heirs, and deciding who gets what instead of the State, is the basic premise behind a well planned estate plan.  As we are all getting older, planning for these years is also a very important component in the plan.  Whether a high wealth estate or a small estate, a proper plan can provide the peace of mind to address other aspects of one's life.

residential real estate

Many times the purchase of one's home is the largest asset ever purchased by someone.  RNG LAW believes that this transaction should not be taken lightly and that a fully informed client will understand the process better and make better decisions.  Our approach is to answer all questions and guide the client through the process.

I have been using RNG LAW for years and with every new project, Rob has exceeded my expectations. He brings an unmatched expertise to his work and I know he’s always putting my best interests first.
— N.P., client